Minimalist Bullet Journal Setup: January 2021 Plan With Me

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Welcome to yet another Plan With Me post today we are creating the January 2021 Bullet Journal setup.

I must say I went a little bit outside of my comfort zone with this one, but I’m quite happy with how it turned out, and I hope you like it as well. The Bullet Journal theme for this month is a kind of minimalist acrylograph pens. Or maybe you can come up with a better name for it.

As you know, January is usually the time for me to try something minimalist. Last year I created a simple cacti theme and this year I feel like I went even more minimal.

But it’s up to you to judge!

What I tried to do this time is to create something aesthetic, as well as pretty simple. With the crazy holidays, I barely had the time to do my setup. 

I’m honestly so happy I did my 2021 setup in December so this time I only had to work in January.

There is of course a Plan With Me video, be sure to check it out at the end of the post.

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Bullet Journal Theme

For this theme I got tons of inspiration from everywhere, so I thought I should probably mention them all.

First, I decided that for this theme I’d be using items from the December subscription box by Archer and Olive (check my detailed review and unboxing).

The box came with some washi tape and a few new colors of acrylograph pens, which I thought would look absolutely perfect for the winter months.

Secondly, I kind of liked my yearly setup with blotches of color and geometric shapes, so I thought I could do something similar just with cold colors.

Finally, there is a November set up by Little Miss Rose. She used Fall acrylograph pens and some botanical drawings to make absolute perfection. Since this was a color scheme I also was going for it was a perfect inspiration.

So yeah, thanks to her, my geometric doodles turned into botanical ones, but I think it was ultimately for the best.


Ok quick run of my supplies. I kind of went full-on Archer and Olive this time, as you can tell.

I’m using a white journal from their pride collection, probably the most beautiful journal I’ve ever seen! And the cover is from the subscription box.

There is also washi and some pens from the subscription box, but they actually didn’t matter that much in the end.

Archer and Olive Acrylograph Pens - Fall collection | Masha Plans

In case you’re not familiar with the acrylograph pens, be sure to check my Detailed Review Of Acrylograph Pens.

And remember that my readers get a 10% discount on all Archer and Olive products if you use my affiliate code MASHA10.

Oh and one more thing! I actually used a stencil for some of the things. It’s one of the basic stencils from Jayden’s Apple on Etsy and I really love it. Such a perfect companion for setting up your Bullet Journal pages.

That’s about it, let’s dive in!

Quote Page

Now, I usually start with just a cover page because on the opposite side I tend to have a memory page from the previous month.

But this time it was a bit different. First of all, December has been pretty hard so I didn’t really want to create a memory page and relive it.

Also, it was the end of 2020, so I thought when things calm down I might instead create a yearly memory page.

January 2021 Bullet Journal Setup - quote page | Masha Plans

Considering all that, I had an empty page and I decided to fill it out with a quote. With January being the beginning of a new year I thought this quote fit it very well.

Cover Page

The cover page is basically everything you can expect from this theme – cursive writing, blotches of color, washi tape, and simple botanical doodles.

January 2021 Bullet Journal Setup - cover page | Masha Plans

I love how minimal and classy it looks. It really got me pumped for the theme altogether.

Monthly Log

My good old monthly log stays the same and beloved as always.

January 2021 Bullet Journal Setup - monthly log | Masha Plans

Just like in December I also added a content area, this worked so well for me and considering I don’t actually have a second business planner this really was a needed addon.

Mood Tracker Habit Tracker

Going along with the whole theme of simplicity, I decided to just draw some circles for my mood tracker.

Thanks to my stencil it really was super easy and took very little time.

January 2021 Bullet Journal Setup - mood tracker, habit tracker | Masha Plans

Because circles take up so little space, I actually had space not just for my habit trackers, but also for a little quote.

There are so so many things happening in my life that give me plenty of anxiety and worries. So I often find myself waking up and already being in a foul mood just thinking of the things to do.

This is so not good and usually sets me up for a bad day.

Now that I noticed it – time to fix it! And this little quote is a reminder to do so.

(if you want to learn more about mood trackers and how they can help you check my post 35+ Fun and Creative Bullet Journal Mood Trackers And How To Use Them)

My habit trackers are the same old, only this time I included a bit more habits because there are things I want to do more of this year.

Gratitude Log

Of course, I had to add a gratitude log, so it can help me stay positive and appreciate all the wonderful things I do have in my life.

January 2021 Bullet Journal Setup - gratitude log | Masha Plans

If you haven’t discovered yet all the benefits of a gratitude log check my post Why You Need A Gratitude Log In Your Bullet Journal.

Brain Dump

In the original setup, I haven’t actually made this page, so if you don’t see it in my plan with me a video that’s because it was not planned.

January 2021 Bullet Journal Setup - brain dump | Masha Plans

But when the vacation was over and I sat down to work I was absolutely overwhelmed by ALL the things I had to do, so of course, I had to create a brain dump.

Plan With Me

Finally, here is my Plan With Me video, which I literally posted on the 30th of December.

What theme did you choose for your January setup?

Let us know in the comments.

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob.

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