Plan With Me: March Bullet Journal Setup

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For March, you guys chose a pretty interesting Bullet Journal theme for me – self-care, and I’m very excited to tackle it!

As always I asked you guys what you’d like to see in my journal and when you said self-care it really resonated with me.

Spring is generally a very important self-care time for me, with the change of seasons and the temperatures both mentally and physically I usually require extra care.

Plus, with the pandemic we are experiencing in 2020, it’s important to stay healthy, pay extra attention to ourselves and find time to be happy in this difficult situation.

So let’s dive in and let me show you my take on the self-care Bullet Journal theme.

There is also a Plan With Me video at the end of the post if you want to check that out.

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Since an extra cheer is needed, I decided to go with my favorite colors this month – I’m using Zebra Mildliners.

For everything else, it’s my usual set – Nuuna notebook, Cocoa Paper cover, and Pitt Artist fineliners.

Oh, and I almost forgot – I also used my stencils! I got these from Etsy, and I love them – they are absolutely a must-have when it comes to creating large calendars.

Cover Page

For my cover page, I went with the huge letter M, which stands for March but as I write it, I can see it could also be Masha.

Like, this is going to be my month! With everything I have planned, I’m sure it will be!

March Plan With Me: Self care theme - cover page | Masha Plans

My idea for this theme is to decorate each page with different self-care type doodles. But, of course, on the cover page, I wanted to include as many as I could.

Some of the things that I consider self-care and that work for me are – makeup, workout, planning, delicious food, yoga, good sleep, and, well, sweets!

Monthly Spread

In March, I really did something incredible – all my usual monthly spreads are basically here on these two pages.

March Plan With Me: Self care theme - monthly log | Masha Plans

First of all – March is a very eventful month for me. There are many birthdays and gatherings planned. But most importantly – this month I’ll be flying to Planner Con and it’s also my very first-ever visit to the USA.

As you can imagine, that means that there are many things to prepare and plan out, so I decided it’s time to bring back the huge calendar.

At the bottom, I have space for the must-be-done things and some plans for my content. I don’t really do goals here because I have a separate Q1 goals page.

And on the right, you can see my habit tracker. I went with a vertical tracker and icons because this is so far the most efficient way to use space on the page. The tracker is tiny, but it allows me to do all I need and see a monthly overview of all the habits.

Oh, and in case you haven’t guessed – the theme for this spread is food. I love food, and I often turn to it to feel better, be it a morning coffee or an after-workout smoothie. 

Ok, ok, who am I lying to – it’s usually a secretly eaten piece of cake or a local donut.

Gratitude Log

The theme for my gratitude log is body care. Physical health and good looks really affect how I feel mentally, so I always try to do the best I can.

March Plan With Me: Self care theme - gratitude log | Masha Plans

My favorites in this department and bubble baths with salts and scented candles and skincare. I’m addicted to my skincare products and masks! That’s kind of what I wanted to show here as well.

In case it’s not very clear how to use this one – I’ll be writing down my daily gratitudes around the big letter in the middle.

Once the month is up, I’ll be posting the after the pen page on my Instagram, so just be sure to follow me there to check it out.

Planner Con 

One of the biggest things is happening to me this month – I’ll be visiting Planner Con! 

March Plan With Me: Self care theme | Masha Plans

It’s really a dream come true for me, since I wanted to go there for the longest time (or at least since I first heard that such a thing exists).

Plus it will be actually my first time meeting in person other planner junkies like me, so I’m very excited about that! It’ll be so sweet to talk to people who understand all the happiness of finding a Tombow Set on a discount!

So this spread is for me to plan out my Planner Con – write down the schedule and any other info I might need. I’ll be adding here my after-the-pen page so you can see what I did with that.

Oh, and of course, the self-care theme for this one is planning. Nothing calms me more than just sitting down with my BuJo, doodling, and kind of just disappearing into my own creative world.

Travel Plans 

I’m going to spend basically a week in the USA, and as you can imagine, a flight from Bolivia isn’t the fastest one. So I decided to create a special travel page for all the planning.

March Plan With Me: Self care theme | Masha Plans

I’m so excited that all I can do is sit and plan where I’ll go, what I’ll do, and of course what I should buy, or more like what I want to buy.

This spread is mostly for my transportation info – my flights, local transportation, airport shuttle buses, and all that jazz.

This page isn’t exactly self-care themed, but I think you can say that travel is kind of a self-care. For me, it definitely is – after traveling I’m always full of ideas, excited for what’s to come, and inspired to do more and strive for the best.

Extra Pages

Was it all my setup? Pretty much so. But there are a few more pages I’ll add as I go during the month.

First is my PlannerCon page for memories or something like that. I might just make a memory page for all the things that lead me to the Planner Con, so we shall see. The images will definitely be uploaded here once I’m done!

Getting Ready For Planner Con | Masha Plans

This is a very different format from what I usually use for memory keeping, but I still like it.

This is basically my journey of preparing for my trip, which as you can see I was extremely excited about!

March Memories Page | Masha Plans

Another thing I’ll definitely have here is my workshop notes.

I’m registered to quite a few workshops, and even though some of them are creative ones, like how to memory keep or how to do junk journaling, some of the others are more theoretical, like goals workshop by Teresa Collins or planning workshops by Brian Taylor.

I’m going to take notes on these and will try to make it as memorable as possible, that’s why I’m actually taking several of my markers and colored pens with me – I love my notes to be very visual and interesting.

Notes Page | Masha Plans
Notes Page | Masha Plans
Notes Page | Masha Plans
Notes Page | Masha Plans

I don’t think this can be actually called sketchnotes, but I consider them so. There aren’t that many doodles, but there are different fonts and colors.

Weekly Spreads

Since the month is over, here are the weekly spreads.

Plan With Me: March Bullet Journal Setup - weekly spread | Masha Plans

My first weekly spread was very basic.

It was very busy, so I was more concentrated on getting things done rather than creating elaborate and decorative weeklies.

Plan With Me: March Bullet Journal Setup - weekly spread | Masha Plans

The rest of the month flew by with PlannerCon business and the beginning of the quarantine.

So I got to create just one more weekly page this month.

Plan With Me Video

Finally, here is me setting up my March, I hope you enjoy this video.

What theme did you choose for your March setup? Let us know in the comments!

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be a Blob!

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