Hello Planning Mashers!

September is almost here, so it’s time to think about your new monthly setup.

As always, the question is – what theme to choose? And I’m here to help – after seeing these cover pages, you’ll have plenty of ideas to create your own unique September Bullet Journal Setup.

Cover page for my blog post "September Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas" | Masha Plans

Of course, I will also share my September 2022 setup and a Plan With Me video, so keep scrolling.

I’m sure these cover pages will give you tons of inspiration for your September Bullet Journal theme, so let’s get to it.

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September Bullet Journal Cover Pages

I love how creative people can get and how their imaginations go.

I usually choose my theme based on the season or something popular happening. But there are so many other possibilities.

These cover pages will definitely show you how to think outside of the box.

Feathers Cover Page

Feathers are such a dreamy and creative theme.

I love how this cover page looks like with the beautiful colors and the contrast of black and white feathers.

Owls Cover Page

It’s such a cute cover page, and it’s a very Fall theme.

I love that she played around with colors and made them look so fun and sleepy.

Fall Theme

Of course, I couldn’t make this list without adding a cover page of a traditional Fall theme.

I especially love this one because the colors are so bright and vivid.

Celestial Monthly Theme

This is such a beautiful page; I knew I had to include it in this lineup.

I also really like how it’s a mix of celestial themes and botanical doodles.

Cover Page With Craft Paper

Craft paper is a lovely way to decorate your journal; it makes everything look so cozy.

It’s probably my favorite way to decorate Fall pages; just check my post Craft Paper Bullet Journal Inspirations.

And you must admit this page is so incredibly cute with this sweet little girl.

Another example with kraft paper also happened to be with a girl.

And it also looks beautiful and so very cozy.

Just one more cover page with craft paper, ok?

I just love it so very much. And I thought I should add this one to show how very little decoration can go such a long way.

Mountains Bullet Journal Theme

Nature is a wonderful theme for every month, I think.

And somehow, for me, mountains are very fitting for Fall because they make me think of camping which I think is perfect to do in September.

Fall Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - cover page by @plan.tful | Masha Plans

Credit: @plan.tful

Fox Cover Page

I love everything Julia does, so I had to add a cover page she created as well.

I love that she managed to mix such a fall theme like foxes with bees and gree leaves.

Sunflower Bullet Journal Theme 

Sunflowers are beautiful flowers that are pretty easy to doodle as well.

I love how, on this cover page, the author mixes sunflowers with a more Fall mushroom theme.

Sunflower Fall Bullet Journal Cover Page by @piasbujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @piasbujo

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme

Harry Potter world is magical and so full of wonderful things you can add to your Bullet Journal.

For more ideas, you can check my post Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations.

Musical Cover Page

Music is life! Or so they say. Personally, I’m more of a podcast kind of girl.

But how amazing and beautiful is this cover page? The colors pop and look muted at the same time.

Music September Bullet Journal Cover Page by @mavidoesart | Masha Plans

Credit: @mavidoesart

Sushi Bullet Journal Theme

For everyone who loves sushi, this is an amazing idea!

I love that you can do so many different colors when doodling them.

For more ideas, you can always check my post Sushi Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations.

Sushi Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - cover page by @plinthced | Masha Plans

Credit: @plinthced

Minimalist Bullet Journal Theme

Minimalist cover pages look stunning and are pretty easy to create.

Plus, it can be really calming to draw all those patterns.

If you want to get some ideas, check my post Creative Patterns To Decorate Your Bullet Journal.

Food Cover Page

I love avocados, but I never thought of bringing them to my Bullet Journal until I saw this cover page.

Such a beautiful spread, and it’s full of green and just feels so delicious.

Avocado Bullet Journal Cover Page by @plinthced | Masha Plans

Credit: @plinthced

Cartoon Bullet Journal Theme

I love “We Bare Bears”; it’s such a sweet and loving cartoon.

The artist really did it justice; it’s a super cute theme and a fun idea for your September Bullet Journal setup.

And speaking of cartoons, you can always do a Ghibli theme. Gorgeous and timeless.

For more ideas, check my post with Ghibli Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations.

Bonsai Cover Page

Following the Japanese theme, don’t you just love this bonsai cover page?

And I really love that the creator changed the colors from green to a more Fall orange.

Mushroom Bullet Journal Cover Page

Mushrooms are a symbol of August and September to me.

Have you ever been mushroom picking? It was one of my favorite things for me to do with my grandpa when I was a kid.

So yeah, it’s a fun theme to do, and how inspiring and beautiful this cover page is.

I also like the mushroom theme because you can create a very bright and colorful cover page.

That’s why I’m adding here this cover page, which is brightly colored and so creative with the tiny house.

I promised myself not to overshare mushroom-themed cover pages, but I just couldn’t stop myself from sharing just one more.

It’s so beautiful and so full of color!

Stationery Bullet Journal Theme

Of course, I had to add this idea here because stationery is just so cute to doodle.

I really love this cover page with the cute little stationery items.

If you don’t know how to doodle, don’t worry. You definitely can doodle; just try following tutorials in my post Stationery Bullet Journal Doodles.

I wanted to add my own take on a stationery theme I did in August last year.

For my own version, I decided not to do only stationery doodles but also add some other little things I like.

August 2021 Bullet Journal Setup, cover page | Masha Plans

Orange Bullet Journal Theme

Orange is a beautiful color, and you can implement it in your Bullet Journal without drawing leaves.

Oranges look just as stunning; simply take a look at the cover page below.

Orange Bullet Journal Cover Page by @kesysbujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @kesysbujo

Lightbulb Cover Page

Lightbulbs are an amazing monthly theme. They come out looking so cute.

Plus, they are very easy to doodle.

Books Bullet Journal Theme

Considering September is a “back to school” month (at least it’s always been when I went to school), books seem like a wonderful theme idea.

And I love how the artist added kids here as well, making it look so unique.

For more ideas, check my post Book Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations.

There are more variations you can create for this theme, so I had to add this other cover page.

I love the contrast of white and a little splash of color.

And books are very easy to doodle; just check my post 7 Easy Ways To Doodle Books.

Books Bullet Journal Cover Page by @she.inks | Masha Plans

Credit: @she.inks

Travel Bullet Journal Cover Page

I absolutely love this page and how detailed it is.

I’m also loving that it’s about traveling in Europe. What’s your favorite place in Europe if you’ve ever been?

Share with us in the comments.

Floral Bullet Journal Theme

Flowers are amazing for every month of the year, so why not use them in September as Jess did?

And if you’re worried that you can’t draw flowers, just check my post How To Draw Beautiful Flowers In Your Bullet Journal.

Banana Cover Page

I don’t really know what’s happening on this cover page, but I love it, and it looks gorgeous.

I think the creator said it’s a mix of banana theme and moon theme. What an inspired idea!

Balloon Bullet Journal Theme

It’s such a simple theme, and yet this over page looks absolutely stunning.

I think the secret here is to choose colors that match.

Balloon Bullet Journal Cover Page by @plslars | Masha Plans

Credit: @plslars

Coffee Bullet Journal Theme

Coffee seems like such a perfect drink for chilly Fall days, so that was one of my top choices for September.

For more inspirations for this theme, check my post Coffee Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations.

Bullet Journal Cover Page, coffee theme | Masha Plans

Coffee Shop Cover Page

Speaking of coffee, a coffee shop can be just as fun as coffee cups.

I love the clean and cute feel of this cover page.

Tea Bullet Journal Theme

Coffee is great, but tea is just as amazing.

It’s a warm cozy drink, and it makes a beautiful cover page like this one.

Succulents and Plants Cover Page

Succulents are fun to draw, and you can add so many variations with different pots and different flowers.

If you’re looking for more doodle ideas, check my post Succulent and Plant Doodles For Your Bullet Journal.

September 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

Time to share my own setup for this month.

And I’ve been really struggling with my creativity and choosing a theme, but it all changed when I got my Archer and Olive boxes.

For July, I used June monthly box; for August, I used March monthly box, and now that we’re in September, I’ll be using monthly kits.

Monthly kits are a relatively new product from Archer and Olive, and they have all you need to create a monthly theme – stickers, washi tape, colored paper, and, in this case – stencils.

There are usually two different kits available for each month, and just one kit is enough. But I got both kits for September, so you’ll see me mixing and matching those.

And before we dive in, I just wanted to mention that if you want to get anything from Archer and Olive, you can use my code MASHA10 and get 10% off your order.

That’s it, let me show you what I’ve made.

Cover Page

Starting with the cover page, which I didn’t really plan that much.

I decided to add some craft paper from my notepad since it’s one of my favorite ways to decorate my Fall journal pages.

I also started writing September in too big of a font, so I added the numbers for the year instead of finishing writing the month.

Cover page in my September 2022 Bullet Journal setup | Masha Plans

Monthly Log

I loved the format I used last month, so I’m sticking to the same one this time as well.

I love this page, but there is one thing that bothers me – I wish I had that sticker with “main goal” a little bit lower.

Monthly log in my September Bullet Journal setup | Masha Plans

Habit Tracker / Mood Tracker

This time I figured out a way to put the two trackers on one page, which is my favorite thing to do it.

Those date stickers were really such a time saver!

Habit and mood tracker in my September Bullet Journal setup | Masha Plans

Gratitude Log

The most boring-looking picture before the pen, but still always my favorite page every month.

The only thing I noticed that on this page, I kind of forgot that I’m also using craft paper for this setup, which is sad cause I think it would’ve been a great addition.

Be sure to check my post Gratitude Log For Happiness In Your Life to learn more about why I love this page so much.

Gratitude log in my September 2022 Bullet Journal setup | Masha Plans

September Plan With Me Video

As always, I filmed my Plan With Me so you can see me setting up those pages in a video format.

I’m proud to say that I didn’t make that many mistakes this month!

What theme did you choose for this September?

Let us know in the comments!

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob!