Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas For Every Month Of The Year

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Are you looking for some Bullet Journal theme ideas for your next monthly setup? This is definitely the place to be since I gathered here the 60 monthly Bullet Journal cover page ideas for basically every month of the year.

And in case you’re freaking out right now thinking – what on earth are cover pages?! Don’t worry. We will cover that as well.

Picking a theme for your Bullet Journal monthly setup is no easy task. Sometimes it might seem impossible, especially if you’re feeling creatively stuck.

But even when you think you came up with an idea – how do you put it on paper?

This is when you definitely can use some cover page inspirations.

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What Are Bullet Journal Cover Pages And Why Use Them

Do you know those incredibly beautiful pages full of art with a little calendar or just the word for the month? Those are cove pages!

They are a kind of representation of your monthly theme, a good place to just go crazy with all the creative stuff because the only thing you need it to have is the name of the month.

As you can guess, this is not a very practical page necessary for successful day-to-day planning. So if you don’t feel like creating those – you can skip that step altogether.

However, here are some benefits of having a monthly cover page in your journal:

  • Practice your creative skills. It’s a great way to show off all your doodling and lettering skills without any space limitations.
  • Divide your journal. Cover pages are kind of great for giving your journal a clear division for each month.
  • Set the mood for the month. I think it kind of helps to start a month on a positive note when you have a pretty cover page.

But enough talking! Let’s get into Bullet Journal cover page inspirations.

Creative Monthly Cover Page Ideas

Here is something I want you to understand before we dive in. You don’t have to create cover pages; you don’t have to create different themes each month.

There are no rules, it’s your journal, and you should just do whatever you like.

So just find something that inspires you and roll with it.

There are too many ideas to count, so here I gathered some of my favorites, and I’ll give you links for some posts with more inspiration if I have those.

January Cover Page Ideas

Let's start with January since it's the first month of the year. Well, at least in western culture, it is.

And for more ideas, check out my post with January Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas.

February Cover Page Ideas

February is a month of love, considering this is a month for Valentine's Day.

But in this list, you'll see a lot of cover pages for other themes as well. I added a few here, but if you want more - check out my post with February Bullet Journal Theme Ideas.

March Bullet Journal Cover Pages

The first month of Spring offers a lot of beautiful cover pages and theme ideas. I always find that with Spring comes an awakening and reinvigoration of creativity.

For more ideas than here, you can check my post with March Bullet Journal Theme Ideas.

April Cover Page Ideas

What would you say are the best themes to try in April? I'll let you decide after you take a look at these beautiful cover pages below.

May Bullet Journal Cover Pages

All Spring cover pages are always full of flowers and greenery. But so far, I've been trying to come up with some other page ideas.

Well, no more. Get ready to be bedazzled by all the beauty nature can offer you.

June Cover Page Ideas

Sune is my birthday month, so I try to create something special every month.

It's also the first month of Summer, which is my favorite season! I'm so excited to share these cover pages with you.

July Cover Page Inspirations

With the hottest month of the Summer, I think you can expect a lot of outdoorsy themed even though some places have too hot of a Summer to actually be outside, especially since I burn like paper even with 100 SPF.

But back to the cover pages, check out these!

August Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

Summer is winding down, but not the creativity of the artists below.

These cover pages look amazing! I hope you find the perfect one for you here.

September Cover Pages

Time to switch to Fall and all the cozy and comfy things the season brings.

It's also back-to-school time, but I'll try not to include those since we already did this theme in August.

And, of course, you'll find more inspirations in my post 35+ September Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas.

October Bullet Journal Cover Pages

October is a difficult month because it's mostly all about Halloween.

But I did my best to add more than just spooky pages.

Of course, if spooky is what you're looking for, you can get more inspiration in my post Halloween October Bullet Journal Ideas.

November Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

November is a strange month because Halloween is already over, but it's kind of too early to get ready for Christmas.

Even so, there are still many ideas you can use that month; just check the cover pages below.

For more ideas, you can check my post with November Bullet Journal Cover Pages.

December Cover Page Ideas

We're here in the last month of the year. It seems like, after looking at all those cover pages, it's impossible to come up with something different.

Well, you'll be surprised! And I found cover pages that are not necessarily holiday-themed.

Uff, that was a big one. And I still have twice the amount of cover pages I’d love to share. There is just so much creativity out there.

What’s next? Well, I’ve got a freebie for you!

Free Printable Bullet Journal Cover Pages

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I hope this list was helpful; if you find it so, please share!

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob.

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