Hello Planning Mashers!

Choosing a monthly Bullet Journal theme can be so much fun! With inspirations being literally all around us the possibilities are limitless.

However, I also know the creator’s block and how having ALL the choices in the world can be difficult. So today I’m sharing several Bullet Journal theme ideas for the winter months.

Amazing Winter Bullet Journal Theme And Page Ideas To Try This Season | Masha Plans

Winter is a fun season full of holidays and tons of seasonal activities. So in this list, I’m definitely going to be looking more into themes that are somehow related to the season.

You don’t have to pick exactly any of these themes, but it always helps me to see posts like that to get my brain thinking creatively.

Plus I have tons of inspirations for you as well and looking at other people’s work always helps to get inspired to create something fun and interesting.

Oh and in this post, we will also be looking into some page ideas you can add to your journal this season.

Here is what we will do in this post – first we’ll talk about a few themes I have in mind, then I’ll give you some unique fun holidays that happen during the winter months – this definitely will give you ideas for your monthly themes.

Finally, we will look at pages you can try using in your journal in the winter months and of course I’ll add tons of inspirations for a winter-themed Bullet Journal setup.

Let’s dive in!

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Ok, this is a pretty standard one, but since it’s winter don’t you want to add a bit of the season to your theme?

For me, a great advantage of this theme is also how simple it is to set it up. With winter being probably the busiest season (holidays and the new year starting) I feel like we all might need a month that we can set up pretty fast.

Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @art_n_foxes | Masha Plans

Credit: @art_n_foxes

If you want even more help, I found these stencils on Amazon that will help you create amazing snowflake-themed pages in no time!

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Who doesn’t like building snowmen? I remember one winter me and my friends with the help of my grandpa built just the prettiest little snowman princess.

She was so beautiful and we worked hard on every detail of her face and dress. And thankfully it was a very cold winter so she stood there for a long time.

Oh yeah we were talking about the Bullet Journal theme, right?

So snowmen can be a fun little theme. Snowmen are very easy to doodle and you can make them look so very different just by adding different hats or scarves.

You can also easily turn it into a Christmas theme if you make it Frosty the snowman.

Winter Landscapes

Winter turns nature into such a wonderland! I remember as a kid I used to go to our countryside house for the winter holidays.

The house is literally right next to the forest and omg – winter forest is really something. Beautiful green pine trees covered with extra white gleaming snow – it’s like walking in a fairytale.

This could be a great theme to try your creativity with during this season. Just check the amazing work below.


I love fireworks! And for me personally, fireworks are all about winter

In my hometown we have kind of white summers, meaning that it never actually gets dark. So even though we have lots of firework festivals, it’s never as stunning as winter fireworks.

Winter however is a whole new game. The skies are dark, the snow is sparkly from the moonlight and the whole atmosphere is magical – isn’t it perfect for fireworks?

So yeah, fireworks are a perfect winter theme for me if you ask me.


Winter is all about cozy clothes: mittens, scarves, and warm sweaters. I love winter clothes, you always feel so cozy and warm.

Plus let’s be honest – it’s a perfect type of clothing to hide those extra kilos we’re definitely getting during the holiday season.

Mittens and generally all types of cozy winter clothing can be a great theme idea for your monthly setup.


Hot drinks are perfect for the winter months, be it coffee or hot chocolate. It always warms me up inside since it’s such a symbol of care and warmth.

Plus this is a season when we get our exclusive winter Starbucks drinks and I just LOOOOOVE those!

For more coffee inspirations check out my post 27 Coffee Bullet Journal Inspirations.


Well, this is an easy one for December! 

The holiday season is probably one of my favorite times of the year so why not bring the cheer to your Bullet Journal pages as well.

For more Christmas ideas, doodles and tutorials check 67+ Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas and Inspirations.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

Credit: @ihggs


Ok, this might be a bit of a stretch, but hear me out.

For me, winter is the time I eat sweets the most! First of all the holiday season which lasts for about a month and a half is full of little chocolate surprises and home made cookies.

Then you think about the cold January month and all the hot chocolates and peppermint frappes to drink.

And of course, February is there with Valentine’s day and tons of chocolate again.

So yeah, candy is a great theme for any winter month!

Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page | Masha Plans


I don’t think there is any question on why Frozen will be on this list.

You can go so artistic with this theme and draw the characters or Elsa’s amazing snow castle.

Or you can also go more doodly and choose the other cute characters, like Olaf or the trolls – something that is much easier to doodle.


Deers and reindeers aren’t only about Christmas if you ask me. 

It can be of course a Christmas theme, but it can also be something like winter forest animals.


As you might or might not know I’m from Russia, the homeland of ballet. Nutcracker is one of the most famous and beautiful ballets out there.

How is this connected with winter? Well, first of all, winter is the ballet season, you can see all the best performances during that season.

Secondly of course Nutcracker is a Christmas tale, so it’s so perfect for a December theme.

Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @emmadbujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @emmadbujo


What says winter more than beautiful snowy mountains. That makes it a perfect winter theme for me.

What I love about this one is how much you can play around with it. From a very minimalist approach to something extra artistic.


These are so cute and very easy to doodle that it makes them absolutely perfect for a monthly theme.

You can also make them all look very different with very small tweaks, like adding a different hat or a scarf. Make them dance or do some winter sports.

It can easily be a super cute and at the same time super simple theme. Plus you can add a Santa hat and it can be a Christmas theme if you want to.

Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @buujooo | Masha Plans

Credit: @buujooo


I don’t really know what this theme does in this list, but for some reason, I feel like it would work so well for the winter months.

Maybe because it’s the beginning of the year and before you figure out what’s up it can be nice to start from something simpler and more neutral.

Plus I guess geometric shapes remind me of mountains, which as I already mentioned before are a great winter Bullet Journal theme idea.


I seem to be unable to just leave Christmas as it is, and here is one more theme inspired by this holiday.

I love this theme because you can do just simple gingerbread men, or you can go more artistic and draw everything gingerbread with some pretty elaborate decorations.

Harry Potter

I don’t know about you, but for me, winter was the best time because that’s usually when TV used to broadcast all the best movies, like for example Harry Potter.

Yeah, I’m old enough to remember when we didn’t have Netflix and had to follow the programming to see when good movies will be playing.

Moreover, I always found that the magic of the Harry Potter world resonated so perfectly with the already magical winter season.

Be sure to check my post with Magical Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations for more ideas on how to rock this theme in your journal.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - cover page by @thebluebujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @thebluebujo


All things hot are extra cozy for the cold winter season, so no wonder we have baking on this list.

There is nothing better than enjoying a hot cup of tea and a piece of the hot pie, or maybe some mild and freshly baked cookies.

While the snow is falling outside but you stay in is so cozy and warm.

Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @mylartsy | Masha Plans

Credit: @mylartsy

Chinese Lanterns

Winter is a holiday season not only in western countries but in Asia as well, with a huge celebration of the Chinese New Year.

This is probably the biggest holiday in China since people get the whooping 10 days off! You have to work some weekends to compensate for that, but who counts – 10 straight days off is really a huge treat is you work for a Chinese company

Yeah, working in China was not easy you guys!

But back to the holiday. It’s based on the lunar calendar so the dates are different each year, but it’s always winter, usually at the end of January – beginning of February.

Of course, lanterns are a huge part of the celebration, so it would make perfect sense to use them as a Bullet Journal theme for the season.

Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @art_n_foxes | Masha Plans

Credit: @art_n_foxes


Cities are so beautiful in winter!

White snow makes them look so clean and innocent, and the night lights look brighter against the darkness of the winter sky.

Sounds like an awesome theme for any of the winter months.

You can also go super simple with this one and just draw black outlines of a city.


With February we kind of start having the first signs of Spring, and for me, nothing is more spring than sakura blossoms.

With sakura also being such a symbol of innocence and love it really seems like a perfect theme for a February which is so loving and romantic.


Speaking of being romantic, love is totally a great theme to have for February.

Be it romantic love or just love for yourself – it’s always fun to add it to your Bullet Journal and you might as well do it for February.

Oh and don’t worry, February doesn’t have to be all about love and Valentine’s day – you can not only use any of the themes we mentioned but also some from the holiday list we will have next.

Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @bujo.remedy | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujo.remedy


Ok we might be going a bit too Springy here, but let’s think about it.

With Valentine’s day being in February roses are probably the most sold flower at the time. They are practically everywhere!

So you might as well just break the rules and make roses the theme.

Winter Animals

I know we already talked about deers and penguins, but what about other animals?

White bears, or those little birds with the red belly (let me know in the comments if you know what to call them) – they all are a part of winter, or at least closely associated with it. I don’t think white bears are part of anyone’s winter.

Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @isabelhoops | Masha Plans

Credit: @isabelhoops

Holiday Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

Winter doesn’t have to be all about Christmas and Valentine’s day. There are actually so many other holidays happening during these three months!

Check out what fun holidays we have these days and I’m sure they will give you some creative ideas on a theme to use during that month.


  • Basketball day
  • International baboon day
  • World wildlife conservation day
  • Bartender appreciation day
  • Pretend to be a time traveler day
  • International mountain day
  • Cocoa day
  • Cupcake day
  • Sangria day
  • Free balloon day


  • Hot tea month
  • Trivia day
  • Spaghetti day
  • Bubble bath day
  • Dress up your pet day
  • Bagel day
  • Winnie the Pooh day
  • Chocolate cake day
  • Puzzle day


  • Thank a mailman day
  • Chopsticks day
  • Superbowl Sunday
  • Umbrella day
  • Ferris wheel day
  • Mardi Gras
  • Drink wine day
  • Cherry pie day
  • Walking the dog day
  • Tennis day
  • Oscars night

Winter Bullet Journal Page Ideas

I feel like during each season we can give a try to some different pages, so here are a few ideas for winter.

Christmas Bucket List

We get this season only once a year, but yet we are usually so busy with work and preparing for the big day that we often forget to enjoy the little things that come with it.

Create a bucket list to be sure during this fun but the busy time you find a way to enjoy the little things.

Winter Bullet Journal Page Ideas, christmas bucket list by @thuys.bujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @thuys.bujo

Holiday Movies

December and January, as I mentioned before, are the months when I usually watched a lot of good movies.

Now I have Netflix and this means that my TV watching habits are all over the place and I pretty much watch the next thing Netflix recommends to me.

This often means missing out on all the silly Christmas movies and generally the magic of amazing cinema during this magical season.

So yeah, maybe create a list of movies you want to watch, so you can enjoy them while staying cozy under a blanket and with a cut of cocoa.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

Credit: @diemmybujo

Gift List

Ok, I promise this is the last Christmas-related page on the list!

But let’s be honest – gift lists are lifesavers during the holiday season. I feel like it’s especially important now when we might not be able to spend holidays with the family and little gifts can be a sweet reminder to the loved ones how much we care.

Books To Read

First of all – what can be cozier when reading a book on your warm couch while outside it’s snowy and dark.

But also – winter is when we start a new year and usually it comes with a desire to make some changes, to be a little bit better. Reading even 10 minutes a day can be a great way to achieve that.

Create a list of books you want to tackle this year and start reading bit by bit.

Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas - book tracker | Masha Plans

Winter Activities

Winter is so full of fun and unique activities – skiing, ice skating, building snowmen, riding slades and so many more!

How often do you actually do these though? If you’re anything like me chances are – very rarely. Mostly because life happens and I kind of forget how much I loved ice skating or how fun skiing weekends with friends are.

So be sure to create a list of activities you enjoy during the winter and make sure you ding time to enjoy them

Budget Tracker

The holiday season is a huge drag on the budget, but it’s also when you usually get some good yearly bonus from your work. 

So maybe winter is a good time of the year to start tracking your budget and work on managing your money better.

Gratitude Log

I can’t stop myself from recommending a gratitude log, pretty much for any season!

This year’s holiday season is pretty hard since with the COVID-19 it isn’t anything like our usual cheerful and crowded time. Keeping a gratitude log can help you deal with that and learn to appreciate the small things.

As for January and February – wouldn’t you want to start your year on a positive note and work on seeing the world as a bit of a better place?

Honestly, this spread is the best ever, be sure to read my post Bullet Journal Gratitude Log And Why You Need One to learn more about it.

Book Bullet Journal Theme Ideas And Inspirations - gratitude log | Masha Plans

Favorite Hot Drinks

Hot drinks are all the rage during winter, but I find that I usually get stuck with my usual tea – my go-to drink any season.

That’s ok, but it could be soi much more fun if I remembered to enjoy other more seasonal drinks, like hot cocoa or that diabetes in a cut they sell in Starbucks (love love love!).

Create a list of your favorite hot drinks and make sure to drink them all at least once during the season.

Yearly Goals

Winter is time for a new beginning, so of course, you should create a yearly goals page.

If you need some help with your goals, be sure to check my post How To Set And Achieve Goals With Your Bullet Journal.

2021 Bullet Journal Setup, yearly goals | Masha Plans

Memory Page

Memory pages are probably my favorite ones to create and winter gives you so many opportunities to create them.

You can create a page with family holiday memories, collecting all the things you love about your family, and spending the holidays together.

You also can create a memory page for the past year to highlight all the things that happened and make sure you remember the wonderful moments you had, despite all the difficulties.

Yearly Memory Page in my Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

February would probably be a great time to create a memory page of your romantic relationships.

If you’ve never done any memory-keeping pages, check my post How To: Memory Keeping In Your Bullet Journal.

If you’re just thinking of setting up your journal and looking for some yearly page ideas, check my post 17 Page Ideas For Your New Bullet Journal.

Winter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations

Finally, I wanted to share with you some other winter-themed Bullet Journal pages that inspire me so very much!

Winter Bullet Journal Page Ideas, weekly page by @bujo.freya | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujo.freya

Let’s start with this cute weekly spread! I love the original idea with elf hats as a decoration.

Also, aren’t you completely in love with lettering here? I really admire how pretty all the headers are.

Winter Bullet Journal Inspirations, cover page by @planwithady | Masha Plans

Credit: @planwithady

I really love this cover page and generally Ady’s style.

This cover page has it all – cozy clothes, how cocoa, and some Christmas decorations.

At the same time, it’s all in beautiful pastel colors and the addon of kraft paper creates a cozy feel to it.

I really love this account because she creates just the most amazing mandala-themed pages.

This dutch door is amazing by itself, but the Christmas decorations with these amazing mandala designs make it look so special and unlike anything else.

For more inspiration check my post How To Draw And Use Mandalas In Your Bullet Journal.

Cute little memory page with some sweet moments from Christmas time.

Nicole is so talented and I love her doodles. They really helped to create a warm and cozy feeling for this page.

Another beautiful cover page. I love the sense of wonder and magic in this spread.

Of course, all the ballet mentions here are warming my cold Russian heart.

Winter Bullet Journal Inspirations, mood tracker by @kc.bujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @kc.bujo

Fun little tracker and perfect if you go for gingerbread or just a Christmas theme.

I really like that this tracker has both moods and productivity – since these two things are so connected it’s great to track them together and see the corellations.

Such a beautiful cover page! I love Julia’s style and her doodles are always simply the cutest.

This theme can be anything – raindeers, candy canes, or maybe just Christmas. I love how universal it is.

Ok I know I’m going pretty heavy on Christmas-themed pages but I just had to include this swatch page.

This is such an amazing idea for swatching your washi tape. It looks so cohesive that it actually took me some time to realize what exactly this page is.

How cute is this cover page? It’s so positive and full of love.

But also – doesn’t it for some reason remind you of Saylor Moon? I’m not sure if it was the idea but I’m totally thinking about this anime now.

Love this cover and the theme idea! Creating a board games theme sounds perfect for the winter months.

Gathering together with friends to have some mulled wine and play some board games is a perfect Friday night especially for cols winter months if you ask me.

Love this cover and another twist on a cityscape theme.

I especially adore the browns used for the buildings, it makes it look so much cozier.

A fun page idea to add to your journal this season.

With so many holidays and meetings taking place it can be fun to host some and if you do – you definitely will need a page like that.

Winter Bullet Journal Inspirations, cover page by @mireeha | Masha Plans

Credit: @mireeha

I love this minimalist cover page. It just looks so stylish.

It also has that feeling of pure winter – frosty weather, white snow, and black nights. Stunning!

I love how incredibly cute this take on the snowmen theme is.

You can see how they all look so different by just adding different details – scarfs, hats, glasses – whatever you feel like.

Winter Bullet Journal Inspirations, mood tracker by @studyyspree | Masha Plans

Credit: @studyyspree

I love how cute this little mood tracker is. Such a cool idea if you’re into using mood trackers in your monthly setups.

I also really like the pastel colors used for tracking the moods.

Oh and if you’ve never used a mood tracker or are not sure why you can need one, be sure to read my post Why You Need To Use A Mood Tracker In Your Bullet Journal.

Such a cozy winter-themed weekly. 

I loved the cozy girl drawing and also the beautiful and gentle colors used on this page.

Winter Bullet Journal Inspirations, cover page by @plslars | Masha Plans

Credit: @plslars

Such a fun take on a fireworks theme.

Love the beautiful orange color and how huge this firework is. Remind me of a lot of fireworks we had in China one year during the Chinese New Year.

What a fun theme for February.

In the month when it’s all about love why not make a self-love kind of theme, with makeup and some high heels shoes.

Winter Bullet Journal Inspirations, mood tracker by @dutch_dots | Masha Plans

Credit: @dutch_dots

I love this mood tracker – such an original idea. And the gold shine really adds so much to the color scheme.

Even though it might look very Christmasy, I think it would still be a good tracker for January, when beautiful pine trees still stand proudly covered in snow. Not here, but somewhere they definitely do!

Here is a fun weekly page idea if you’re going for a rose theme for February.

It looks very cute and these roses are pretty simple to doodle. Just use different shades of red to add more interest to the page.

And let’s close this lineup of inspirations with another cozy take on a baking theme.

What is one of your favorite themes to use in winter?

Share with us in the comments!

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